Wal-Mart made an assumption to increase its revenue rate by 40 percent until the end of fiscal year. Alongside, it will also improve the number of online grocery shops in the US. It’s going to give a tough antagonism to its rival company Amazon.

Wal-Mart’s revenue share raised by 4.3 percent last year. Brett Biggs, CFO of Wal-Mart says, “From now we are going to essence more on international stores, technology, and e-commerce.” It allows users to select their items from 4,700 different online stores.

The company has already started to work on this revolution. As of now, it has announced to offer free two days shipping. Online sales might reach up to $11.5 billion until the end of next year. It still has to struggle a lot to compete with the sales rate of US e-commerce.

According to UBS, “Wal-Mart today has a strong tool, that is digital marketing and will work with same enthusiasm till the fiscal year 2019.” “Growth in terms of profits through e-commerce is going to take time but that’s going to be a huge revolution of Wal-Mart.”

The company made an approximation of capital expenditure that comes out to be $11 billion for the fiscal year 2018 and 2019. Late in August, Amazon increased its revenue by cutting off the prices by offering Whole Foods at an upmarket grocer.

Increase in Wal-Mart’s revenue profit will increase by 5 percent in 2019 with increased earnings of $4.40 per share forecast from December 2018 to next succeeding year. This is really going to put back Wal-Mart’s $20 billion programmes that were announced back in October last year. Wal-Mart made a great effort to hold back its shares worth of $15.10 billion.

The company aims at expanding its business by setting up 15 more supercenters and 10 markets in the adjacent cities of the US next year. This year the number will be immense but it will be less as compared to last year. The count will be 40 supercenters that were 60 in 2016.

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