Google Assistant is being equipped with a new feature which can broadcast message with the help of Google Home devices. Google is not behind in the race when it comes to the smart devices. Google Assistant which powers many devices like Google Home is been equipped with many exciting features.

Google Assistant can now broadcast your message to entire home within few seconds. This will reduce the user’s effort in shouting or repeating the message multiple times. For instance, if you want to call your family members for lunch you can just broadcast the message once. Your Google Home will then broadcast the message with the help of Google Assistant to all the members.

Google Assistant with the help of these features can now dominate the smart technology market and compete with Amazon Alexa. Many new smart assistants are available in the market like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Samsung Bixby, and others. Google Assistant is one of the best smart assistant presently available in the market which is equipped with many new features.

The new broadcasting feature will work for all the eligible Google Assistant powered devices like smartphone, Google Home Mini, and others. The working of this feature is simple. The user just needs to broadcast a message stating: “Ok, Google, broadcast it’s time for dinner”. Once this is done, Google Assistant will then broadcast the message to all the smart devices present in your home.

Google Assistant is also equipped with some special features. For instance, if you want to call your family members for dinner, a bell will ring across all the Google connected smart devices present in your home. This will eradicate the necessity to shout multiple time or call everyone individually for dinner.

You can find all the details related to the features provided by Google Assistant on the broadcast support page. This feature is currently rolling out to United States, Australia, Canada, UK. The broadcast feature for Google Assistant is currently supported in the English language.

Many fun activities like family-friendly games, stories, easy search and managing the smart home devices present in the home are supported by Google Assistant. With the broadcast feature, Google Assistant will become smarter and can compete with all other smart devices available in the market.

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